Until I Rise Again:
A Memoir In Progress


I am lying unconscious in the emergency room at Massachusetts General Hospital in downtown Boston. I want to die but instead I am about to wake up. Life has left me heaped like a bag of stones, yet something akin to grace awaits me.

Until I Rise Again is a memoir of my journey from devastating illness to deep healing.  I never knew such a transformation was possible and because of this I feel called to share the story with others. One thing I am sure about, if someone like me is able attain physical, emotional and spiritual health so too can anyone.

May we all shirk the darkness that binds us. May we all find the path we can dance on

January 2019 NEWS: I currently have three quarters of the book written!!

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Once I was a bird crawling on broken wings, but in time I learned of grander things than my small bird dreams, things that lifted me higher than even my healthy wings could go.

Artwork By Anna Caroline Jennings: