The People, Tools, Places of my Healing Journey:

Andrew Hahn, PysD  Guided Self Healing

Ben Oofana, Shaman/energy healing and healing meditation

Tong Ren

Amma – known as the hugging saint, check out her tour schedule and receive your hug!

Buddho/Enersense Reiki .
Skip Usui and jump right to Reiki Jin Kei Do and then Buddho/Enersense

Yoga for Depression   – Amy Weintraub’s book and work.

Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller

Baptiste Power Yoga Institute

Brandon Compagnone, teacher extraordinaire at Baptiste, now with his own studio

Flower Essences – there are many lines, Bach Flower Essences is the most well known.

Pricilla Gale – journeying leader extraordinaire, vessel of deep knowledge and healing

Virginia Drake, seer of the truth, guide to reach it

Beautiful Outdoor Places anywhere

A Gradual Awakening, by Stephen Levine

Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes Crisis by Stanislav Groff, MD, and Christina Grof